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How it works

1 Log in using your device.
2 Enjoy the waves.
3 Analyse, check and share.

Como funciona
Como funciona


Register your windsurf, kitesurf, surf, paddle or kayak experiences with Connect Malabau. Simply use your mobile or your Garmin device.

Share your experiences with pictures, wind, waves and the used equipment and your friends can comment, say like or not like, or give you a Love it.

Compete with your friends to get the most level, check your followers, or even sell the equipment you don’t needed. Download it for free.



- Activities memo.
- Graphics.
- Search your friends.
- Level.
- Lived experiences.


- Capture right-now pictures.
- Select the sport
- Wave size
- Wind speed and direction
- Timer
- Max, medium or other speed...
- Distance
- Experience used equipment.
- GPS tracking.


- Your experiences and your friends.
- Experiences with your friends or other Connect Malabau users.


- Sell that equipment you don’t need.
- Filter and find second-hand equipment you need.
- Direct contact between buyer and seller.

Como funciona


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1 Sponsor of the app.
The logo of a single advertiser on the loading screen of the app.

2 Alerts with your promotions.
Each user will reach 2 promotional alerts per month, with segmented advertising measure.

3 Banner advertising
Noninvasive Ad when you start a session log.

Write to or call us at 616 358 157 for more information without commitment.

About us

Connect Malabau is a worldwide community of surfers directed by Marina Alabau (Olympic Champion in London 2012). Part of this community is the people who work day to day with Connect Malabau and make it possible.

Marina Alabau

Marina Alabau

Co-founder / Sport technical adviser

The London 2012 Olympic Champion uses her know-how for the app.

Juanma Gonzalez

Juanma González

Co-founder / Creative

Creative manager for Nowalia, designs and directs this project together with Marina Alabau.

Rayko Lorenzo

Rayko Lorenzo
Communication manager

Maika Segura

Maika Segura

J. Sanchez

Suda Sánchez


Martin R.


A. Sánchez


Leonardo J.

Contact us:

C/ Mata, 16 Local interior
41002 Seville (Spain)